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Hi everyone,


Been racking my brains for my lesson observation on PSRN and seem to be getting my head in a muddle.


I've got a class of 30 Reception, some very able. My key learning objectives for the week are: "To recognise a set of numbers more or less than a given number, and to recognise the numbers between given no’s." I'm just getting stressed for two reaons. Any good ideas for whole class input to stretch the v.able? Focus activities with a bit of recording? Ahhh


Please help! x

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How about as a follow up doing a number hunt.... have cards hidden with number sequences e.g 10,---, ----, 13 and the children have asheet to record the answers..... I sometimes do this and link it to using a map- have a map showing where the cards are hidden and the order to follow them in and then the children have a simple list format to write the answers on.


Does that make sense?


Hope what ever you do goes well.



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Hi Nomie,


What topic are you doing? Could you not combine various printed number in different spaces? Then get the children to count take away and add more or less objects to chieve various numbers. I had a farm yard, in the tuff spot mud, animals, seed, pots ect with various numbers 3 pigs here 2 seeds in here ect. when the children counted some said they needed to take away 1 pig to make 3 ect or had 2 add 3 seeds to make 5. Hope I've explained it ok. Anyway children had a good time lots of recognised numbers and how to make them.



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• The teacher shows a multilink tower and asks children to build a tower using more or less cubes

• Children play dominoes but rather than join matching spots they join the domino with one more or less spot.

• To encourage visualisation practitioner could tell a story eg. I am walking along a number line, I stop on number 4, if I take ? more steps forwards which number will I be standing on?

• Draw a number snake outside and move up and down one step at a time.

• Sit children in a circle and give each a number. Ask questions such as “what number comes before your number, which comes after”?

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