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I recently read several examples of updated Foundation stage policies people had worked on and added to this site. I planned to focus on them this half term 'holiday', once I'd completed reports, FSP, and planned my 'posssible outcomes' for next week. But I can't locate them, even after several forum searches!! can any kind person please point me in the right direction - think I need a holiday!

Spend more time on this (addictive) site than I do working!! Thankyou, there were some good policies I recall, should have saved them. Thankyou, it's reassuring many of us are in the same boat, don't feel quite as isolated when I log on

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Sorry Iri, I can't help you with where the policies are but just thought I would say welcome. I haven't long joined either but have found so much useful info which has saved me huge amounts of time. I hope it helps you too.


I think it's addictive too


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