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I'm covering an absence in nursery (have never worked withthis age before) and their topic after half term is road safety and transport.

Any ideas, songs, websites gratefully appreciated.

Thank you in anticipation and hope you are all enjoying half term.

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Our local toy library has child size traffic lights etc. which we use. But we have also made traffic lights or at least a stop/go sign from laminated card (red one side and green the other) We attached this to a broom handle and stood it in a parasol base.


We also have a shed in the garden for storing the bikes and have asked the children what they think they would need if we turned it into a garage. We just attached garden hose to the fence for petrol pumps, with a price notice. They colected old plastic milk bottles for oil, we got old car tyres and added tools etc. With lots of notices the children loved it and it gave a new dimension to the bike play. The children also wanted flowers and newspapers to sell as they saw this at the local garage.


I think I'd start by asking the children what they want ....!


Gruffalo2 :o

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