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Can anyone help me please, please, please I am trying to update the planning I have been there about 8 weeks now and the planning is so basic there are no next steps, observations of the day, statments e.g. what you want from that activity etc etc its a mess.


I am becoming soooooo frustrated with it I have designed a few but am not happy and am about to blow my top. Is there anyone out there who would be willing to advise or show me there planning I would be so greatful for the help I really would.


Awaiting calmly


Fxx :o

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Hi F,


I am going to move this out of the Reception and Yr1 section into the nursery, preschool and playgroup planning section. Planning is something which as you might imagine is spoken about a lot with everyone trying to find the perfect way to do it! :o You may find it helpful to have a look through the past discussions in this section too. xD

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