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Moderation I Survived


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Well the moderation was today and after many tense days and sleepless nights etc I can finally say it's ok. The moderators were really kind and supportive and stressed that their role was to be supportive rather than critical. They agreed with the judgements I had made and were amazed at the amount of evidence in terms of observations and photos and then tracking sheets that I had. The deputy head and head were around for most of the time but that was fine.

So finally i have been told by the Headteacher that I am doing a good job and that I am a good teacher. After years of criticism this feels incredible and I can finally get on with my job knowing that what I firmly believe in and feel passionately about is recognised by someone else.

Thank you so much for the support and encouragement from people on here. I wouldn't have got through this term and last without you all


Take care and good luck to anyone who is awaiting their moderation it really wasn't so awful after all!!!!


Nicky Sussex :oxD

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Wonderful news! Even when you know deep down that you are doing things right, constant criticism from people who don't understand can really undermine your confidence. Finally having some sort of 'official' endorsement is fantastic. Make sure you treat yourself and relax tonight!! :o

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