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hi all,

i am new to this so hope it works! i have got an interview next week which i am trying to prepare a portfolio for. has anyone one got any ideas of what to put in it or something different to catch the head's eye.


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Some ideas...


photo's of a really well organised provision area

Use of outdoor space

Certificates you have achieved

IEP you have written

example of some planning??



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I've just done mine for an interview tommorow... my contents list is:



• What does best practise look like in the EYFS? ‘Powerpoint’ presentation. (Activities planned and implemented and photographs taken by Carla Booth)

• Short Term planning – (examples of weekly planning including and focus plans, further planning examples available)

• Weekly plan

• Writing area focus plan

• Construction area focus plan

• Letters and Sounds – phase 1 focus plans

• ‘Dear Zoo’ story focus plan

• Circle time focus plan

• Self evaluation form (SEF) notes:

• How well do you promote inclusive practice?

• Helping children to stay safe

• Helping children to be healthy

• Letters to parents and parent notices

• Staff rota

• Individual behaviour plan and Child observation examples

• Displays (photographs)

• Essays

• CRB certificates

• First aid Certificate and training

• Curriculum Vitae

• NVQ Early years care and Education Level 2 and 3 certificates

• GCSE and Keyboarding certificates

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Wow Carla that is a long list _ thanks for replying. are you an NQT? all the best by the way thanks again

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Hiya... nah I'm currently a deputy preschool manager and the interview is for teaching assistant (I'm looking for more of a work life balane as I have an 11month old baby and I want to continue studying .. they just said portfolio of evidence and I didn't have a clue what to put in... so I put this lot :) Goo

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