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Hello everyone,


I have been scouring the internet for examples of how people do their planning. I am coming to the end of my NQT year and have changed my plans several times but still don't feel comfortable? Please could I have some advice on how people run their daily, weekly, MTP and LTP? I can't seem to get it to flow together? I was having PSRN and CLL weekly plans, taking into account obsevations from the week before and sticking them on the back. How do people atttach observations to the planning? Can someone tell me what plans I should have? Also what are people's thoughts on topics? I am thinking of planning topics solely based on the children's interests? If I could see some examples that would be great!


Sorry so many questions!


Thanks in advance,



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Hi kara at first we tried to follow topic like from children's interests but as time has gone on we now may have a theme but always involve the children in the MTP for that theme. so for example we had a guy visit from the zoo with his big bugs and the children were fascinated and after the visit we brainstormed what they wanted to know and what they already knew. We draw this out as a web with linking ideas and then this becomes our mdium term plan. Of course our phonic planning builds on how they are progressing but as much as we can we fit the rest of the curriculum around that interest.


some children are also fascinated or interested in other things like running around, cutting, playing in the sand etc so we make sure they have the opportunity to develop the skills and add extra resources to the environment to meet these needs. Many of the children were interested in slithering so we have a chance to use the hall and there were different types of materials avilable for the children to slither on around the hall and of course their own bodies as well. We are also hoping for a good day to have a water slide on the grass for them to slither down!


So we have a daily planning book and adapt the next day by adding or removing resources from infomration recieved each day and some days we don't need to do asny chages as we have not noticed anything significant from the observation.


It works for us and I think the key thing is to make it work for you rather than there being a one size fits all!

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