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Just wondered if anyone is doing anything for American Thanksgiving on Thursday - our theme at the moment is celebrations, so I wanted to do something - any ideas?? :o

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I belatedly realised this myself yesterday! As I'm off work at the moment, I don't know if my frantic text got results!


In the past we've made pumpkin pie and talked about Native Americans, had a Native American Indian theme week (a bit late for that, but it's an idea for next year!) etc...


Good luck!


This time of year is so thick with celebrations it can be hard to keep track!



Sue :D

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We are doing American Thanksgiving at our preschool tomorrow. We are making Native American headbands and printing with vegetables. I have written my own version of the story of the first thanksgiving as I couldn't find it in the bookshops anywhere. (We lived in Dallas Texas for a couple of years so I knew a bit about it already). I will try and attach it to this post, but I've never tried to do it before, so bear with me.......




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Last year we made a poster of a turkey! Bit hard to explain but it was facing forwards (as opposed to sideways!!), had a brown body, big eyes, orange feet and it's tail was made up of red, yellow, orange and brown handprints. It was very effective.


The children enjoyed making the turkey but we didn't go into detail about WHY we made a turkey other than to say that Americans like turkey. :o We talked briefly about America, Native Americans, the Pilgrims, Christopher Columbus, etc.


We had a child whose mother was American so she was pleased we had mentioned it.


(We also did Australia Day in January and Canada Day in July - again we had Australian and Canadian parents.)



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