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I've had a quick search of the forums but I haven't seen much about the transition between Reception and Year One. I just want some ideas of how other setting manage it. We have tried various strategies but I think it could be done better. In the past the Reception children have spent every Friday afternoon of the last half term in their new Year One classroom with their new teacher. This meant the Year One children had to spend this time in Reception effectively having Golden Time.


This year I would like the Year One staff to spend some time wth the Reception children in the Reception classrooms so they can see them in a familiar environment.


I would like to know when others start the transition and any strategies that they have found effective.


Thank you


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We'll be similar to what you want to do - the year 1 staff will be coming to us to spend some time with the children but also to see how we run things in year R so that they can set it up as close to it as they can therefore keeping a consistency. It will all happen in the last half term. Any earlier would be too much for the children.

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I've just finished a research project for my BA on the transition from YR - Y1.


Here's some ideas that I found from DCSF documents.


  • Sharing Year R resources for the first few weeks in Year 1 that are familiar to children
  • Year R children visit Year 1 class every Friday during the summer term.
  • Staff meeting to agree what records were valuable at transition.
  • Parents/carers invited to accompany children on the mornings when children visit new class
  • July meeting for parents, which includes visit to classrooms set up with maths and literacy activities. Head teacher to demonstrate phonics and counting activities.
  • Whole school open evening for parents and children to come and visit new class.
  • Hold an open evening each fortnight into September to discuss with parents how their child is settling.
  • Parents invited in as often as they wanted in Year 1 through first six weeks to see it in action. Also invited into a literacy and maths lesson.
  • Year R and Year 1 teachers rotate on an annual cycle, e.g. Year R teacher moving up to Year 1 with class.
  • Year 1 teacher spent time observing in Year R, talking to different groups of children.
  • Peer observations of maths/literacy/science lessons in Year R and Year 1.
  • Staff meeting for all staff to raise awareness and knowledge of FS practice.
  • Improving adult: pupil ratio, full time TA in Year R /Year 1
  • Year R staff made videos of children’s expressing their feelings about the transition which can be shared with Year 1
  • Extending Year R outside area to accommodate Year 1
  • Play based learning activities in Year 1 at the beginning of term
  • Teaching moved away from single subject and cross curricular links were extended
  • Developed role play in Year 1
  • ‘Golden time’ was not used as a behaviour management tool but as an entitlement for children
  • Learning diaries continued into Year 1


Also attached is some useful documents




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Thank you for your replies. That list is really helpful. I love the bits about parental involvement, not sure the Year One teachers will though!

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