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Independednt Module - Foundation Degree


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I am curretnly writing my literature review for my last module in the foundation degree course.


I am doing my research around supporting young childrens war, weapon and superhero play and have found lots of articles etc based on why we should support this aspect of play but my tutor has said i need to also look at literature/research that doesn't support it.


I am struggling to find any articles saying - You must ban war play etc and wondered if any one else who has researched/interested in this area of play has found something useful that will help me.


All response will be greatly appreciated as I can see the light flickering at the end of the tunnel now! Just one more hurdle and its done - well until i begin the BA year in Sept!



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I remember the early learning centre doing a leaflet a while back about why they did not sell guns/weapons perhaps you could google that! Good luck with your foundation degree I really enjoyed doing it and I am thinking of topping up in September.

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