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We are lucky enough to be completely revamping our outdoor classroom. One of the main changes we hope to make is to enable more child initiated play. In order to do this, our resources need to be easily accessed by the children.


We have sheds outside but they are not particularly child friendly. I was wondering if anyone has easy accessible storage for children. We were thinking of some sort of cupboard/shed that has space for boxes that could be labelled for easy access.


Any experience or recommendations would be greatly appreciated!


x x

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We got some sheds that have double doors and put some pine shelves inside them which allows the children to easily access things for themselves

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We have a storage box from Homebase (you can get them from Argos too)




Inside is a trolley on wheels where we store PE equipment such as balls, bats. hoops., ropes etc. Children can have access to the PE equipment anytime.

I have also invested in one of those Greenhouses




This is stored by the keter box. On the shelves are stacked clear boxes labelled for bubbles, superhero play figures, outdoor painting (large decorator brushes and rollers, tubs of powder paint and medium size decorator buckets for paint mixing), wind things- kites, wind chimes, wind socks and those tubular whirly things that as you spin them round they make a noise, plasic animals, cars and trucks etc.

The children can now access these whenever they want- we are gradually trying to build up the resources outside, in fact I ahve spent the bank holiday weekend at the car boots!


The greenhouse idea is a cheap alternative to storage but we did have to tied ours down to the fence as it is lightwieight and has a tendency to be blown over if not tied down.

We used to use the greenhouse as our wellie storage but I got a handyman to build us a wellie wall from MDF (a bit like the expensive one in TTS) so now we can grad our wellies to put on inside!

Hope this helps

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