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New Nursery Starters - Information To Parents


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Hi there!


I am a NQT just about to complete my induction year nursery - very excited!! I am now thinking towards next year and have been asked by my headteacher to think about information that I should be sharing with new parents. Can anyone tell me what I should be including in this, as I want to make sure I cover all the basis.


Any help would be much appreciated!!





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We give out a very simple friendly looking little booklet.

We include things such as:


Opening hours

details regards flexible hours / lunch time

staffing details


safety re picking up children


note about 48 hrs off following illness


our email address


the book exchange programme


a quick over view of learning areas /mix up sessions with reception class


extra clothes


We also have on the back page a piece about their children learning through play and having fun!!


Can' think what else right now!!!!

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