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Hi I am new and an aspiring FS teacher.

I need some help and hints pls. I have applied for aFS post and I have little exoerince but they have invited me to interview - i need to do a presentation ofhow i would develop the FS Currciulum over the next 3 years and therole i wouldplay in leading it...

any thoughts to help me? and ideas of poss interview questions


Thanks in advance


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first, omg, poor you, thats a tricky interview task. i'm a nursery teacher in a school, but have a background in private nursery.


you've probably already thought of these, but i would definately include plans for child led learning, choice and continuous provision, partnership with parents, learning opportunities for boys, learning outdoors.


could you structure your presentation using the themes & commitments, explaining how you would promote each of these?


erm erm i'll keep thinking!


Good luck



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Good luck with the interview.


I would include- you vision for an Early years classroom- what would you expect people to see, the children to be doing, the adults engaged, what role would the parents play, links with pre-schools and nurseries. The idea of a joined up approach that allows children to develop independence, enjoy learning, move their understnading and skills forward....


Just some thoughts..

Hope they are useful.



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