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Hi could anyone help


Trying to arrange a day for childminders to take part in a glup session (no children will be present) .The childminders will then observe each other as if they are observing the children. What should they be looking for etc to aid them in their work when observing their mindees in the childminders home.


Also any suggestions for glup session i.e. tray of beans, jelly etc.


Many thanks

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Guest jane707

The biggest problem most childminders have with obs is keeping them short and relevant. They seem to feel they have to write reams to justify what they are doing. This in turn leads to resentment and a degree of panic when they can't fit everything in to their day... which means they do less and get behind because they are trying and failing to meet their own impossible targets.


I would focus on reading the Eyfs first so you know the child's age and stage well... then looking for things that you can do to enhance their experience with you, depending on your available resources etc (getting the unique child and enabling environments in place, in other words). The best way to do that of course is to observe and find out what they enjoy doing.


Hth :)

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