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Can any of you lovely ladies help :o


I've been given quite a substantial budget to improve and enhance our outside space :(


So I want to get it right xD


Can anybody recommend a company that will come and give a free design and quote :(


thanks in advance



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Yes, I've just been through tis delightful process and the biggest most stimulating ideas wqere from Caledonia Playthings Scotland. Just google Caledonia Play Scotland. Jamie, the designer was wonderful and very knowledgeable and helpful. also Learning through Landscapes website was brill!!


Good luck


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Hi chicken,


How great to have been given lots of money for this! We've just finished creating a garden area for our children. We haven't yet got any outside funding but we did manage to get lots of local people to give stuff and do stuff for free. Two local building firms donated materials and time, a local garden designer did a free plan, parents and volunteers helped do painting, etc.


Oh and the children were involved in planning and building of course.


Good luck with your project.


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