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help! i have an interview tomorrow for a specialist nursery nurse position within the behaviour team the children come with different problems and the age range is 3-7 years as i have only worked in the foundation stage for 23 years i' m a bit worried.

i would appreciate any interview tips as well as info about nurture groups thanks

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Hi Patch

This might be a useful site for you to look at.




Good luck with the interview, I'm sure they will appreciate your years of experience!

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your years in Early years are just what you need for a nurture group!


it means taking children back to thier early years, giving a rich environment where they can return to the basics of learning through play.


there are 6 princlples thatunderpin the ethos of Nurture ,


1. Children's learning is undrestood developmentally- learning begins at birth and via a close relationship with an adult.


2. The classroom offersa safe base-- where stractures play is predictable, firm boundaries are set, 2 adults working together and supporting


3. The importance of nurture for the developing of self-esteem.- it is listening, being responsive, engaging in reciprocal shared activities such as play, sharing food, talking about events and feelings


4. The importance of Transistion in children's lives- - children who are emotionally vunerable, lack trust in others, may find even small changes in the routine of their day unsettling. some continuity needs to be established


5. Language is a vital means of communication- not justa skill to be learned. learning how to put feelings into words, instead of actions(being violent?)


6. All behaviour is communication- ( ithink this is the most important one)

Staff keep careful, detailed records and use Boxal profile (see web site) to understand what a child is communicating when they will not speak, tear up work, hit out, run off etc. Staff then are less easily iscouraged or personally provoked and are able to respond ina firm but non punitive way.


There is much more on web site, but i hope this poted version helps.


Best of luck

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Congratulations! Fantastic news. Thanks for bringing Nurture Groups to my attention - its really interesting and not something I have come across before.


Your job sounds fascinating and also very rewarding. Let us know how you get on.

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