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Reception September Staggered Entry In Mixed R/y1 Class


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This year our Rec/Year 1 class worked like this:


First week-

Monday- training day

Tuesday/Wednesday- Year 1's in

Thursday/Friday- Class teacher on home visits. PPA cover taking year 1's


Second week-

Rec in afternoons only.


Third week-

Rec in mornings and lunch


Fourth week-

all chn in!

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It's worth mentioning that the teacher did find it hard until they were all in full time. Having just the year one's in the morning was good- she could do focused literacy/numeracy. and then in the afternoons they had lots of play with the reception.

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We are trialling a staggered system in September whereby the first week (wed, thur, fri) just Y1 are in and YR visit for an hour or so over those days to continue the induction from before the summer hols. Then first full week will be the oldest 3rd of the YR children in part time, 2nd week next 3rd part time, 3rd week youngest 3rd parttime. In the fourth week the oldest third will become full time and then the others in the 5th and 6th weeks. which should mean that all children will be full timr just before half term.

Knowing this was going to happen we watched this years intake very carefully and felt that the youngest children would have found it difficult to cope with until after half term which is why we are tying to drag it out until then.

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Thanks for replies. Last year we had Y1 in mornings and reception came in pm only for a couple of weeks, which was good for Year 1s routine. The first week was only Year 1s as we had individual meetings with parents and reception child as part of induction programme. Then a week of reception in mornings, then mornings and lunch, and finally in week 5 all in full time. It seemed to work OK, and I ahve recently asked parents who seemed happy.

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