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Can i just seek some advice as i'm really struggling with my child study...my college has now said i need to get the opinions of my work collegues about my child that i'm doing for my study and this evidence has to be written and put in the appendix. would you do a questionairre for staff if so what would you ask?... i'm guessing who he plays with but not sure what else?


The other area is social context.. i have written about his background, homelife, where he lives etc have i missed anything as i have been told this section should be 700 words and i only have 250... ummm!!


The other section is sense of self... i have been told this is how the child sees themselve and it needs to be backed up with observations... what observations/activities would you do to try and cover this?


sorry for all the questions but it's due in in 2 weeks, beginning to panic now... have asked college but don't seem to be able to get a straigt answer...


Any pointers greatfully appreciated... Thanks

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