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Organisation Of Day In Rec/year1class

Guest enimod

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sorry to write again i am still stressing about the interview Ive got on Tuesday for reception/year 1 job- brightest reception and weakest year 1. have taught year ones for a year and done bits of supply in reception. would love the job.

would this be a typical day..

self registration (what actually is that??)

carpet time and sing register to them

class room set up like reception with zones- sand, water, big construction, book corner, role play, computer.

literacy-- 2 groups possibly one for first half term and year 1 get extra at another time? ability for word work using pips and phonics.

Shared reading altogether

year1- two groups literacy task

year reception- choice to do year1 work or role play etc???


numeracy- following Hamilton rec/year1. depends on if TA

pm- topic based work linking elg and NC.

singing, circle time, music, story..


reception entitled to their curriculum

year 1 s not mature enough for formal year1 type teaching,


What else?? any advise??



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ok, enimod, first don't be apologetic for asking questions!


not sure whether I can help a lot as Im not working with a mixed year group class and this obviously is quite difficult.

I would hope though that you were able to offer a practical. play based / activity based broad balanced curriculum addresssing both FS and yr1 NC.

Your activities should be differentiated to address need and ability, dont think of reception children choosing to tackle yr1 work. They should also complete literacy activities, so your activity should be differentiated by outcome at the very least. It may be that you would need to provide different activities but I would like to see the class operating as a whole unit. Does that make sense? Certainly thats how I would be trying to tackle this.


Self registration is just that! Children have some sort of activity using their names to register their attendance at school. This largely removes the need for a formal registration, although you could all come together on the carpet for a greeting and then continue with your teaching focus. You will have legal obligation to complete a sessional register, usually within 10-15 mins of session start, although with the work load agreement you can delegate this to your TA. You will probably need to provide dinner numbers as well.


There might be a time to split into groups, depending on your support and I would think you should have good support, although not all schools can provide this. But you will need to address a balance or you will go mad trying to group teach and observe and interact in activities.

Have you looked on the Standards site, there is something there about mixed age groups in Maths lessons?


Guided reading is a very good activity for teaching reading.


There have been some other discussions recently about teaching this age group and planning. Have you found them? I'll try and put a link in for you later if you havent.


Look at the QCA site and familiarise yourself with some of the principles of teaching FS, in the curriculum Guidance document and look at the profile handbook. Both very relevant to be aware of!


Good luck.

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