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Hi hope you can help! This year we have introduced summative assessments which are written up at the end of each term. The parents recieve these and the child has 'next steps' identfied on them. The summative assessment, reports on the 4 themes so the detail about what a child can do exactly in CLL and PSRN is limited. Normally at this time of year we write reports that comment specifically on the 6 areas of learning with a space for teacher comments at the end. The report also has statements such as I can form my name correctly...I recognise numbers to 10 etc which we mark with a s for support, a for achieved and e for excelled.


My query is that I do not really want to complete this format of report and feel I should just do another summative assessment instead. I'm not sure how the SLT will take this and wanted to find out what other people are planning to do first.


It would be great to hear from anyone in a similar situation!





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