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Hi everyone,


Next thursday I am interviewing six applicants for the role of a key person. I have checked the resources and cant find the interview questions, I was hoping somebody would have some ideas.


The person who we appoint will have a key group of 12 children, they will receive 3 hours non contact time for assessing and will be responsible for group planning with the whole team and planning a small group activity for their key group each week.


I have asked each candidate to plan and run an activity directly after their interview, the staff have asked me to draw up a form (sort of ticklist) so they are able to observe how the applicant interacted with the children, we are also taking a photo of each applicant and then we will get some feedback from the children as well, can anybody help me, or point me in the right direction.


I feel slightly daunted as we have a new Chair and she is really nervous, she has asked me to split the questions so she has something to ask aswell and she wants me to put down the desired response expected from each person, a sort of grading system.


Hope the above makes sense.


Claire x

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When I have interviewed for posts within nursery /wraparound I have been involved in the interviews alongside the head.


We have split the questions, but we have both known what constitutes the "right" answer............ 2 people are not going to tell you the exact same thing, so am not sure you could give your chair the answers...........

I appreciate it is tricky with committees but I wonder at the point of someone interviewing if they don't know the answers to the questions in the first place!!!


(Sorry, just my opinion!!)


We have then had a points system 1 - 5 and graded each answer with 1 being poor 5 being good knowledge.


If it ends up with 2 candidates on the same amount of points you might then look at any comments you made during the interview/ qualification /experience differences.


I think watching them do an activitity is a great idea..... often people are not at their best in interviews but I think again I would have done that before the interview so there was a base to talk to the applicants from!!!


Again the activitity might not be the be all and end all as the person will be nervous.

I would ask your staff to look specifically at how the applicant is with the children.

How she talks to them.

Does she listen to them

Was the activitity differentiated because she didn't know the children or their levels of competence.




Have go on enough.


Sorry if I sound opinionated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its early morning!!!!


God luck.


Hope you find the right person!!

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We use the grading system as well and then you can aompare notes, but it is a good idea to make a space for notes as well as these help you if you have two or more strong candidates.

our first question is always why do you want this job? and it is usually the chair who asks that. we ask them to tell us about their past experience. we ask them to tell us about something they have done which has been a success. what wold they do if a child came in with a bruise on their face. what are the ECM outcomes (not one of my recent interviewees could name them). ask for examples of promoting inclusion/diversity. ask how they would set up a room for different age groups. give an example of being flexible. give an example of teamwork. ask about IT skills. there are more questions but I cant remember.

we took photos and tried to involve the chidlren as much as possible.

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