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Does anyone know whether you can complete more than one ucas application, i'm presently looking into my options for next year and have applied to 2 colleges, i'm not sure which one to go with but they both want me to fill in ucas applications, can you do more than one?

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im not much help as I cannt remember what I did I remember when I applied I think there was a space on the form to put the colleges/universities you wanted to apply to but its been 5 years and the forms have probably changed


but there must be is a way to apply to several colleges 'cause most people apply to more than one just in case,


check out the ucas web site there maybe a FAQ page with the answer on

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I think I'm correct in saying you can put up to 5 choices of college or uni on your UCAS form.

UCAS then get in touch with you to say where you have been offered a place.

Good luck,



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Thanks for your replies... i have searched their website and i'm still not clear.... the problem i have is i was hoping to do my course at one uni but they haven't realeased what days the modules will be on yet, which may be a problem with work committments, the other course at a different college have ofered me a place but they want me to attend a ucas session and fill this in there next week..... so confused.....

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Guest Mrs Tiggy Winkle

Yes as the others say when you fill in your application form, you put in up to 5? different courses / colleges. You then wait to get offers from any / all of them before making your final decision as to which one you want to go to. So filling in the form does not commit you to going to any particular college /uni yet. Just put down any and all you want to consider.

Ucas give final reply dates based on when you receive your last offer they say :



How and when to reply to your offers

Use Track to reply to your offers. Your reply date will be displayed on Track and printed on the letter, if we send one to you. If you do not reply by the date given, your offers will be declined. The reply date is your individual reply date so it may be different to other people's. This is because it is based on when you received the last decision from your universities and colleges.


If you live in the UK or European Union (EU), the dates are:


Last decision by

Your reply date is


31 March 2009

5 May 2009


8 May 2009

5 June 2009


12 June 2009

6 July 2009


20 July 2009

31 July 2009

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