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Nvq3 C16 Help!


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thank you Helen for the really useful article on C16 which has helped me a great deal.


One point I'm confused over though. My understanding of an event sample was that its used to record the occassions that a certain type of behaviour/reaction etc occurs over a given a period, to help assess why the behaviour is happening. The other type where you record activity over timed intervals is a time sample.

your article explains what I thought a time sample as an event sample.


I hope you are not as confused as me, and can see what I'm trying to say! I'd like to clarify it before I hand my work in .


many thanks, Sandie

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Hi Sandie,

Many thanks for your comments; you really got me thinking there!

I've gone through some of the NVQ publications I have to see if I could come across a definition of each. I had not come across the definition of event sampling that you have described, although I have to say it makes absolute sense :)

In one of the books it says,

" Event sample: observe a child or a group for a given amount of time throughout a session, such as one minute in every ten, ........This is also called time sampling!"

Not entirely helpful, I'm afraid :o

I think that the best bit of advice I can give is for you to give the definition of the terms as you use them prior to including them in your portfolio. That way, you can't be criticised for not explaining yourself.

I wonder if anyone else can enlighten us here? :)

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Hi there!


Well, to be honest, I have always used the two terms interchangeably myself, although I prefer to say 'time sample', it seems a tad clearer. The type of Obs you describe, Sandie, I have always referred to as 'ABC' - 'Activity - Behaviour - Consequence', so there's another name!! :o


I think Helen's suggestion, that of including your definition of each type of Obs you use in your portfolio is excellent. If your Assessor doesn't like it, they'll let you know, but, as I have pointed out elsewhere, it's YOUR portfolio, so fight your ground if you disagree!


Any help?


Sue :D

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thank you, I will make sure I explain myself!!

My NVQ book 'early years care and ed'. by Penny Tassoni and Kath Bulman actually agrees with me!! However, like you say we probably all call them different names and need to show what we mean.


thanks for your advice :)


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