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Am manager of out of school link club and not yet been inspected since the introduction of EYFS. Trying to find a system of recording observations, planning and asessment that does not simply feel we are an extension of school. Any feedback from anyone involved in out of school clubs would be welcomed, particulary if you have been inspected recently

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Guest tinkerbell

Hi Marthamay and welcome

I didn't answer earlier because we have only just been Ofsteded under the new EYFS


I teach R so it was a detailed carry on


The bit you will be interested in was the inspector wanted to know how our Afterschool club provided for my children .I am the performance manager of the staff at the club so knew about their training etc I had also just done a little training on planning for the childrens interests and childrens logs etc The inspector asked me to join her in a meeting with the co-ordinator as to how the scheme worked and how it provided for the children under EYFS.


Our Afterschool was inspected on its own in the past because it was run by a parent committee, unfortunatly it had problems so school now runs it .


I don't know what your set up is really to advise you but they did want to know how information was passed on to the club from school ,and from school to club to parents etc.



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