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Hi all,

Hope someone kind will be able to help me. Am going for a Foundation co-ordinator's role and one of the questions I will be asked is about teamwork. How would you manage your team and how will you know you are effective? Please can you give me some support.

Many thanks in advance

Flower x

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Hi Flower,

My immediate response would include:

* Lead by example, modelling best practice

* Develop good communication channels between you and your team, and within the team

* Support and develop individual practitioners through getting to know their strengths and areas for development, give praise and thanks for a job well done

* Be an active listener and treat everyone fairly and equally

* Learn to delegate (not to offload work, but to use the skills of your team in an appropriate way)


How will you know that you're effective?

* Get feedback from your team to find out what they think about your leadership

* Do things get done properly and on time?

* Is time management handled well by everyone?

* Is the team happy and committed?


I'm sure others will be along with their ideas soon :o

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