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Got A Blank!


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Well i have been sat here since 9am doing my child study and so far i have 250 words... i don't know what to write!!!! I have been starring at the screen for hours......i have to discuss the child's sense of identity, health of the child, knowledge and understanding of the world, dispositions to learning etc..... i bet it's obvious but i just seem to be having a blank....i had reserved this day to make a big start while my children were at school, most of the day has gone..... only have 2 hours left before the end of school.... oh well, maybe i should try some chocolate.... may help the brain cells.....

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Isn't that always the way?!!!!!!

Enjoy the chocolate, switch off the brain for a while and then see how it goes next attempt.


I had a study day for my uni course yesterday and was busy throwing up!!!!!!!!


As I lay in my bed betwen sprints to the bathroom all I was worried about was when would I get a day to myself again???!!!!


But its today!

Because despite feeling 80% better I couldn't go in to work for fear of germ spreading so I am trying not to waste the time and do some work!!


Haven't done much, but more than I did yesterday!!!!


Good luck there simcity x

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