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Not done this before so hear goes!


I am trying to adapt my outside area it isn't very big and not really that practical. I can't have bikes and things like that out there so am looking for any ideas of things I can have out there to make it a more interesting environment preferably without spending too much money!


Any ideas will be gratefully received x

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hello and welcome


how about willow? can make secrete den or tunnel?

tie old pots and pans to the fence for music making?

gardening plant pots for children to do some growing

how about fastening drain pipes in such a way children can pour water and watch it run down


hope you get some good ideas and are inspired!

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Hi and welcome :o


Great ideas from jeanine. Went to visit a nursery with fantastic outdoor provision last week so will share any ideas that would work on a small scale.


- bits of wood/logs for their own construction, also gravel and stones with small wheelbarrows - creates a small scale building site as well as helmets, flourescent vests

- if you have some wall space, a sheet of wood covered in a plastic sheet makes a great washable painting wall

- large chalks, rollers, large paintbrushes

- a blackboard fixed to the wall is also great if you have the space

- as well as having a garden, having a digging area/mud pit - they'll do it anyway so why not give them an area!

- as jeanine mentioned, guttering/drain pipes are great for experimenting with water but also making cars go faster

- old tyres are great for a range of things - balancing, jumping in and out of, using in construction, sitting on, making a mini garden in it, using as a mini sand pit or mud pit etc...

- a small dome tent could be a story tent, or outside role play area

- stilts and other balance related equipment

- picnic set

- walkie talkies

- remote control toys suitable for the outdoors


I hope that gives you inspiration - I was inspired last week!

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we opened our own nursery 6 weeks ago and have an outside area to be built on!! we have planting pots, squeezy bottles for mark making chalks trellis with silky scarves and natural materials....love the ideas of pots and pans and drain pipes - i also printed and laminated 10 green bottles and with the use of velcro and no nails glued them to the fence (also done 5 little ducks!) get den making old sheets.... wil keep looking at the feed for ideas for moi too!!

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pound shops have got a wide range of windmills, and various dangly wind chimes gardening tools and bird feeders which might be a good start


an old tyre herb garden

brick or log that can be moved easily for bug hunts underneath


make a box of discovery tools ie magnifying glasses, bug pots, tweezers, tape measures, magnets, clip boards with a range and paper and pens, wax crayons for rubbings


paint brushes for water painting


what about putting a note out to parents/ carers see if you have any keen gardeners who could help develope the area?

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