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Hi strange one this one!!


I want to buy my world 3 asap! Observations next week! However all the websites selling it rm rem etc do not have the option to download and buy the software!


I know most people can wait for it by snail mail but I want it now!!!!!!!



Patience as Yoda said!


Any ideas to where I can buy and download at the same time?


Cheers ears :o

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No idea at all! However, MyWorld 3 isn't all that fantastic in my book - lots of activities but not self-correcting so the children have no idea if they've done things wrong (eg sequencing activities etc). What sort of activity were you hoping to do? You may find something appropriate on the Topmarkseducation website.

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cheers for the reply!


Really looking for screens and clipart gallery stuff so I can make my own screens if that makes sense!!


E.g looking for rosies walk screen so I can set up a play area on the interactive whitebaord so children can play independently!


I'll keep looking!!!


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