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Welfare Requirements Re: Info For Parents


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Ive been told that an Ofsted inspector stated that settings must give every parent a copy of the safeguarding children policy before their child starts. I know it states that we should make available the complaints procedure and Ofsted reports but cant find the part about the safeguarding policy.

Is it a requirement ?

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I've found this in the framework - does it answer your question?



The provider must take necessary steps to safeguard and promote the welfare of children.

Specific legal requirements

Information and complaints

Providers must engage with, and provide the following information for, parents:

■■ the type of activities provided for the children;

■■ the daily routines of the provision;

■■ the staffing of the provision;

■■ food and drinks provided for the children;

■■ the provider’s policies and procedures, for example, admissions policies, equality of

opportunity policy, safeguarding children policy;

■■ the complaints procedure (copies to be available on request);

■■ details for contacting Ofsted and an explanation that parents can make a complaint to Ofsted

should they wish;

■■ the procedure to be followed in the event of a parent failing to collect a child at the appointed time;

■■ the procedure to be followed in the event of a child going missing.

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we do give out copies of some policies but i dont think you have to

so long as they are available for parents to read and they know where to find them

i might be wrong on this

all the bove policies mentioned in last thread we do give out

and parents are told where thet can find daily rota and we have display boards up with photos on of activites, snqacks etc

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We give out a full set of all policies to new parents (I know-loads of photocopying!) There is also a full copy on notice board along with all other details mentioned above-(snack, Ofsted etc.) We do all this to cover ourselves.

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on page 20 of the statutory framework


3.8 states "Group providers will be expected to have written copies of any policies and procedures which are required, for example, to safeguard children or promote equality of opportunity. Providers should ensure that all staff have been given copies of these policies and procedures as part of their induction, and that they are explained to, and accessible to, all parents."


I suppose it would be very good practice to give all parents a copy but it doesn't seem to be a requirement.

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It appears from above that pg 23 is a 'must' and 3.8 is a 'should'.


It may be worth thinking about putting all policies on a CD to give to parents, ( you can buy in bulk, cheaper and more tree friendly). Ask parents to keep their CD in a safe place, they can hand in if updates are made, to have their copies updated and when they leave the setting hand back to setting for future parents. :o


(obviously check parents access to computers and give hard copies to those without access)


Just a thought.



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