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Living In Another Country - Info For Reception

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We've been looking at our local (urban )area in my reception class, and then had a look at a rural area - the children couldn't believe that there could be so much grass and asked me how I had managed to get pictures of such a strange place. Now I'd like to show them picutres of somewhere outside the UK. I was thinking of Nigeria, as some of our children are from there, but I don't just want to google pictures as it seems rather false. Does anyone know of any websites about children and where they live that are aimed at reception type age?

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We had a great resource my boss got from Oxfam that showed 4 children, one each from India, Russia, Brazil, and Ethiopia. It had lovely pictures of their houses and schools and showed them doing their hobbies/chores/playing. It had a great book with profiles of the children and suggested activities.


I can't rember the name of the pack but if you search the Oxfam site I'm sure you will find it.



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