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Depend on what role you have? If you are the Manager then you will need to have knowledge of EYFS but not off by heart, Child Protection, Policies and procedures, documentation the stuff you already know. If you do not know the answer just say so but add that you would go to ....OFSTED or EY partnership worker, PLA etc etc for help and support. Don't panic though you will be surprised what you know!

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I took over as a supervisor a year ago and shortly after had a suitable persons interview. She phoned and made an appointment then came in with a laptop which has set questions that they ask about policies the framework where certain things are like accident book, medication book its like a mini ofeted inspection and it lasts about one and half hours.

good luck if your due one



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Mine lasted about one and a half hours too. As already mentioned, was quizzed on policies and statutory framework etc. She was very hot on recruitment procedures and also on personal issues like how much alcohol I consumed in a week and if I had had a glass of wine in an evening do I consider myself fit for work the next day!!!. Also things like how do I know if my staff are taking medication like anti- depressants and how I would deal with situations like that. Sounds a bit scary I know but when I was stumped for answers she sort of spoon fed the correct info to me and re worded the questions. It all depends on which inspector you get. Mine was very intimidating but I have heard that others are more friendly so don't panic and just admit if you don't know anything but say where you would find the info. It'll be fine- we've all been through it so try not to worry. xxx

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I had mine for early years last week. I had already previously had one for after school. I found this one easier, but I think it was because I already knew what to expect. It lasted about 2 hours just talking about welfare requirements, policies, learning journeys etc. I think it took a bit longer because she mentioned about meeting needs for boys and girls and mentioned how boys learn differently. Unfortunately for her I had just been reading about gender for uni so we went off on a tangent as she seemed interested. Even took with her a list of places to do further reading, lol.

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