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HELP. We are in a local village hall, where we have been for 4 years. We have been asking for a contract for over a year now so that we can formalise our aggreement with the hall. They have finally come up with a 'regular users contract' which I do not feel covers us very well. They want to put 1months notice either side etc. does any one have a contact that they could show me so that I can explain to them that I need to be treated differently then the gardening club, ballet and WI !!! I will try to post the contract for all to see. Ant suggestions most greatfully received.



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we contacted our development worker and she provided guidance for us when we needed to do a rental agreement, have you tried contacting yours.... just a thought...

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she said we need to include:

which part of the premesis we were renting

who the landlord was

term of contract

what the rent is

utilities - who pays what bills

insurance - define who is responsible


Hope it helps

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Hi ....... did you have any luck with finding a suitable contract between you and village hall? Am in same position! Looked at the Pre-School Learning Alliance's which seemed abit complicated and difficult to understand (but I am blond!). Can you let me know how you got on?

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We hire the village hall from Hall Trustees and have done so since 1974. We recently asked for a copy

of our lease for our records and they said they had no idea where a copy would be!!! They have not been too helpful

over producing a copy or even drawing up a new one! I will however speak to our chair person tomorrow and

ask if she did eventually have any joy. If so, I am happy to post it on FSF :o



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I think there is a difference between 1 months notice of unnavailability of hall or 1 months notice of termination of contract, so this isn't very clear. You have funding agreements (NEG) and other types of agreements such as employment contracts etc, and I would assume a terms notice would be more feasible re: terminating hiring contract. Maybe you need to devise your own contract including issues that they may not have mentioned, ie: sole use, no public access during hiring times, responsibility for repairs, H&S, etc etc, plus ideas already mentioned by others. Then ask for a meeting to re-negotiate the agreement.



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