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Hi there,


I've got a Literacy lesson observation next Monday and will be using the book Titch/You'll soon grow into them Titch as the basis of our writing during the week (our topic is Growth). I wondered if anyone had any good literacy based activities I could do use. I would normally base it on writing captions or sequencing but would love to hear some ideas so I can make my lesson even better. Also does anyone know of any interactive resources on this? www.titch.net no longer exists xD


Thank you in advanced


Jo :o

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Hi Jo,

I too am looking for some inspiring ideas for a Titch lesson observation! Found some nice pictures on Sparklebox that could be used for sequencing or as a stimulus for writing. Hope this helps! Good luck

Joy :o

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I don't really know the book but just read a synopsis of it on amazon but my ideas may be completely off track.


From what I gather on the most part Titch doesn't like being small. Could you talk about all the good things about being small - what can Titch do that someone taller can't? They could then pretend to be Titch and show what they could do through drama (always a hit for observations). They could then do some writing based on that. For the middle/lower abilities you could freeze frame their drama and take a photo then print it out. The children can then either write a caption or if you want it to be slightly different they could do a speech bubble coming from them as Titch saying something like "I am Titch. I can hide in small places."


The more able children could do more extended drama - what can Titch do, what might happen next - therefore making it into more of a story.


I hope that is of some help :o

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