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Can you please advise me what assessments you are using in F1 and how these link into the profile. I am curently looking into ways in which I can track progress from F1 to F2 anyone got Ny fab ideas?

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Amy1 I am not in nursery but I know that my LA do not advice Nursery to be using the EYEProfile. We have been advised to look at Development Matters and to highlight where we are planning for our children. You can see progression by where the planning is moving to!


They have a record of transfer which reading the info from my LA site is being developed into a transfer document called My Unique Story.


I do know that Leicestershire have done some work on tracking so there may be people on here who can tell you more.

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Ill push this up a bit more. Does anyone do this? I dont want to use the Eyeprofile- I know you should do this however as Im sure all of them are like this- heads are banging on about tracking progress throughout the whole FS is there any unique way of doing this?

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My LA is piloting a scheme of F1-F2 assessment. As initial assessment we use the 22-36month section of CLL and PSED. If the children are confident in each aspect they get a 1, if not they get a 0. They have to be confident in ALL the statements to get a 1. The children then get a score out of 6 and are then given a RAG rating by the LA:

Score 1 - Red rating - below average

Score 2/3 - Amber rating - slightly below average

Score 4/5 - White - Average

Score 6 - Green - above average


This is repeated in Feb/March against the 22-36month for red and amber children and against 30-50months for white and green children. Then is repeated again in June/July all against 30-50months.

Not sure how the RAG rating will work for Feb/March data yet.


It helps to give a % of children who are working in each age and stage which is something the big O ask for and also tracks progress as can then be fed into the profile in Reception.


I'm a bit uncomfortable about number crunching with 3-4 year olds (and so are the LA) but we are all 'playing the game' and this seems to show the statistics that are requested.


Hope this helps

Green Hippo

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