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I am looking at updating my garden area and would love to hear what continuous provision you have outdoors?


We currently have the usual bikes etc, a wooden play house, a den, a pop up greenhouse and a picnic table! ( only a small garden) x

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We have an large sandpit with a roof on, little tikes climbing thing!, water tray, veg patch,numbers and letters on fence,bird house,compost bins, and we are lucky enough to have lots of brightly coloured markings on the concrete bit ie numbers,road and zebra crossing,parking bays. we put most of our equipment away and thatr includes:


Differnet size paint brushes and buckets to use with water for mark making,

Guttering,carpet tubes for cars,

hoops & balls

Pop up tunnels and tents,bikes and cars,dolls prams,child size spades,gloves rakes etc for gardening

large woode construction blocks

Large waffle bricks

road signs



large tractor tyre used as a wigwam base . We used old gazebo poles and gazebo fabric to make a wigwam.

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We have tyres, crates and buckets out all the time, as they are not damaged by the elements. There has been a number of posts about crates and tyres previously.


We have a digging pit and a sand tray.


A pile of logs that have been used for bug hunting, a camp fire, climbing on and whatever else fuels there imagination.


We have washing lines on the fence with various resources to hang on them and a string of airflow balls as an outside number line.

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tables and chairs, trampoline, climbing equipment, wendy house camo net wigwam, springy sit on toys, white boards and easels, we did have a large walk in sand pit but the builders smashed it up and haven't replaced it and we don't have the £2000 it cost originally

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we always have set up

book area

mark making

musical instruments

some kind of climbing


water play

we also put up number lines, mini beast pictures


the children then choose what else they want from the shed

could be digging


bats and balls


small world

role play

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all sound great


Do you have an Outdoor planning sheet?

Does it show what you are putting in area ie happy street in small world or spades rakes in digging area.

Or what activity you might be doing in each area such as digging for ?


Or things planned under each area of learning?





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I have a small outdoor area box on my weekly provision sheet

on there i write down anything that maybe planned through observations of key children

but that is it my staff alsways put out mark making musical instruments book area

other resources are chosen by the children and we vary to where we put things

some times the kitchen might go under trees amongst the dirt

children choose to have digging out and we dont direct their play so they may choose to take this down to the dirt area under the trees or creat another area and set up road works

we put water kettles out and sometimes the children wiil fill up with water ( we have an outside tap) and paint or water plant or make tea


when you say area what do you mean 6 areas of learning or areas of types of play?

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Would still like to see everyones planning formats? We put one focus activity on the weekly plans each day but i am stuck on how to plan for the continuous provision? ( we cant leave any resources out over night) :o

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