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We recently spent quite a lot of money on the garden, and it is really lovely, but i still feel that it is not inviting or stimulating enough. We have most of the provisions out, but l am stuck on how to arrange it in different areas to cover all the 6 areas, so that children can access what they want, we have a rota, but girls are not following it :o .

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We only have 5 girls (out of 17 children) but at the moment the things they enjoy most are painting the fence with water, making compost and grass pies and cakes and playing 'catch me'.


We are lucky to have a paved area for cars, bikes etc and a garden where we have

2 little tikes climbing frames,

three large sand pits filled with compost, bark and stones,

a sensory herb area (which is best in the summer when the strawberry plants fruit),

wind chimes

room to run.


I want to add some windmills to add to the fence last years ones have bitten the dust but were only a pound each from local garden centres, and cds to hang from the trees.


Hope this gives you some more ideas.



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