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Hi all


I need to take advantage of all that font of knowledge out there and so have hijacked the forum to do it (Sorry Steve!!!!!)


My friend has rather boldly taken on the task of trying to purchase new books for the junior library of the primary school that our children go to.


She would love to hear book suggestions for children in years 3 to 6, so roughly 7 to 11 year olds. The school is a C of E school attended by a broad spectrum including some very acedemic kids and so variety is the key to cater for all tastes.


She is particulary struggling to find reading matter for girls. Animal stories are fine, but she worries about the content of some of the current authors such as Jacqueline Wilson in a school library. As she put it, "I picked up one and read the line 'does this make my bum look fat' and didn't think I should buy it for school". She appreciates girls mature faster than boys etc but feels nervous about stocking the library with books that might cause offence to some parents. She is however open minded and if your experience of these books is positive then she would love to hear your views.


So please have a rummage around your own children's reading matter or ideas from your own reading and post your suggestions and if possible a few words to describe the books here so that I might pass them on to my friend.


Thanking you all in anticipation of your help :D:):D:)



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Not sure I can help really-as a parent of the other sex :o --but the Horrid History series seem to be a success.


Have you thought about asking the School Library Service? They are usually pretty good for advice and may even sell you books at a good price, complete with plastic covers etc. AT least the one in my area did/does!

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Guest alisonjayne

Hi susan

I am lucky to live very close to the best children's book shop ever. They do have a website you can visit. www.ncbonline.co.uk

The lady who owns it used to be a children's librarian for many years and tries to read every book that she has on her shelves. I am sure that you will find someone there to help. Some books my own girls have enjoyed have been are those by David Almond especially skelig (that doesn't look right!) Journey to the River Sea by Eva Ibotsen and Jaqueline Wilson books although I did like to read them first to look at the content. Saffy's Angel was also popular. I don't know where you are based but a visit to the Norfolk Children's Book Centre is really worth while and they let you browse and give you free tea & coffee. :D:D:D

Happy book hunting


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Guest Sycamore

We get all our books from Kent County Books and you can go there and buy or ring them and ask them for an amount of books for a certain age group for a certaain price and they will do it for you.

Fab place, but obviously depends where you are situated. We are in london and they deliver to us.

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Oh Sue,


One of my favourite things is reading childrens books. I regularly read my favourites (all the Narnia stories- even voted in the Big Read!) but also try to read and recommend books for both my daughters (5 and *) sad mum I know.

Any way here goes:


Philip Pullman I was a Rat, Spring Heeled Jack (parts are in a comic book from), Clockwork, Count Karlstein, The Firework Makers Daughter as well as the Sally Lockhart series (The Ruby in the Smoke, The Shadow in the North atc) and The Dark Materials (need to be sensitive to religious concerns, but I thoroughly enjoyed the trilogy and have read it numerous times, have discussed the books with other adults and older children as it does raise issues about religion). I do feel that as many of these books are being made into films (J K Rowling, Lemony Snicket, Dr Suess!!!), part of frenzied culture at times that it can be valuable to read what the autor originally meant or included in their story


What about Roald Dahl, obvious favourite as I still like to read The Magic Finger, Danny the Champion of the World, Fantastic Mr Fox- I wanted to be a fox!


Also Jenny Nimmo (Charlie Bone stories), Georgia Bing (Molly Moon), Anne Fine (Google Eyes, Madame Doubtfire) and don't foget Horrid Henry (light relief) by Francesca Simon (lovely illustrations by Tony Ross).


Good collections of poetry The works chosen by Paul Cookson, This poem doesn't rhyme edited by Gerard Benson.


Sorry I'm beginning to flag without access to my daughters book shelves and its too late to go in now.


Hope this helps



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These may be a bit old fashioned now (?), but how about Alan Garner, Ursula LeGuin and Leon Garfield? On reflection, they might be a tad 'old', as in ability, but hey, they'll encourage children to stretch themselves!


Sue :D

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