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Parent's Evening


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Hello everyone,

I would like some ideas on how you prepare for Parent's evenings? I have done them before but im interested in how other people plan for this. Im a Nursery teacher in a Prep school. Next Monday I have to talk non stop to parents for 3 hours!

The joys of working in a school!

Hannah :o

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Sorry, Hannah, stopped by then skimmed off, having lots to do - but feeling guilty and came back!


In a prep school I think it's a bit different - they kind of 'expect more'? I would say, make sure you can back up everything you want to say with evidence (know you do, but...) have some wow things out/displayed eg slideshow of activities etc on interactive whiteboard, ideas for parent/home follow ups and activities... Most of what we do anyway, really, but be prepared for 'extra' grilling, as they pay!



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Guest tinkerbell

I am a reception /yr1 teacher with parents evening next Monday 3.30-6.30 and Tuesday 5.00-7.00


I will be sharing the learning journals with the parents and last time (October) had an A4 sheet with jottings about the childs interest/abitity in each of the 6 areas of learning...I actually updated the e-profile last half term and hit the wrong print button and have a couple of sheets on each child with the point scores and little statements saying what each one is....I may use those to talk to the parents.


Hope all goes well for you



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I've just realised that you probably mean talking to parents one at a time for 3 hours...DUH! My brain is not in gear at all this week, sorry! :o

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Our parents evenings are fab!


One area with drinks and nibbles (always a winner!) - in this area we have the nursery general photo album, the nursery policies and procedures file, the staff qualifications / certificates files, copies of the curriculum documents, latest copies of Nurery World / Nursery Ed. I also usually put something on a computer - rolling photo album (that's hard because they're usually square he hehe) or CD rom from curriculum doc . The idea of this area is that parents can mingle with each other, can have somthing to busy themselves with is they're feeling nervous or if they've come on their own. I usually have either one of the Nursery directors and junior staff there being smiley, chatty and serving the drinks.


I have activities set up in other areas of the room - with the activity we have the planning sheet explaination of the learning areas we are covering (for EYFS), we also have written out what the children 'think' they're doing (so for eg. we might have a water tray activity - children think they're splashing about doing some pouring and filling. We know that they're covering so many aspects of the EYFS through the activity so we list them out for parents to see. We do this because we have some parents who think that the children are just 'messing about' with some water!)


Then that leaves staff free to do face to face consulations with parents and go through learning journals and observations.


We do it this way beacuse if parents are busy with things to do we can talk discretely to other parents - we like to create hum of activity (rather like our days!) so tht people can talk properly without having people hanging about waiting for their turn. We are in an open plan hall so we can't shut ourselves into rooms.


hope this helps



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