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Hi all,


I read in yesterdays TES about some people who have put together videos which support role play by introducing the children to the situations and characters they can have a go at taking on when they set up a real life role play area.


I thought this seems a great idea, but looking at the website today, which is www.earlyvision.co.uk the packs for each 'theme' are £39.99, which is pretty expensive. I wonder if anyone has bought/seen any of these or if anyone could offer their opinion as to whether they seem worth the money!


I do find it a problem that children often don't know how to take on roles in the r/play area, and teaching in a village school it's not easy to get out & visit these places!!




PS I've renamed our role-play area 'the imagination station' - naff I know, but I think it means more to the kids and they seem to really like it!!! :o

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You can see snippets on the website - they've been recommended on several courses, at the early years conference etc.

The video clips seem quite short but to the point. As our children also lack these experiences I have ordered the 'Ourselves' pack, but it hasn't arrived yet, will let you know more when it does.

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Just received 'Early Vision' - 'Ourselves' Pack.

We recently set up a hairdressers salon after several of our children spent ages 'doing' the staff hair. We had plenty of resources and adults took on different roles.

Today we played the video - only 8 mins - and related it to our salon and we talked about which resources we needed (we didn't have a broom!).

The children have played so well this afternoon - all on task and using the area as it should be used!

The pack also contained photocopiable reciepts/order forms/appointment cards. It also has lots of activities related to all areas of curriculum (haven't looked at those properly yet) e.g. making wigs, comb painting.

The ourselves pack has 5 sections - dentist, beautician, optician, blindness and hairdresser.

The pack was quite expensive £39.99 + p+p, but I will certainly look into buying other packs in the series.

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