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I am currently on maternity leave for the second time in 20 months..Don't ask!

My role was assistant head and Foundation stage coordinator.

Since I have been away it is all change new head etc etc.... Its ok as i'm only going back for 7 weeks...

Anyway because fs is where my heart is and feel passionately |(as we all do on here.).and having just been involved with a fantastic team setting up a foundation stage unit..the gossip is that the new head is wanting to have a joint fs/ks1 coordinator.

That makes me very sad and again fs is not being recognised as a key satge in its own right...(They wouldn't dream of putting ks1 and ks2 together in our large school!)

Anyway, I am sure during our last OFSTED we were told that you should have a ks1 coordantor and a different fs coordinator.

Can anyone help? I know its what "should" happen but can't find any legislation for it?



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Guest tinkerbell

sorry can't really help

I work in a very small school 108 children

I am assistant head (internal appointment so not called deputy) Foundation co-ordinator and KS1 co-ordinator.x


Could you not be all??



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