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Hi All,


I'm going to be running some training on the Enabling Environment within a nursery setting for practitioners across my borough. I have a 'vague' summary for the day which may include:

  • What does an enabling environment look like
  • Routine of the day and are they necessary?
  • snack time Vs snack bar
  • adult led and child led activities
  • role of the practitioner
  • outdoor environment
  • open-ended play


If anyone has any other ideas, resources, training that I could have a look at, they would be much appreciated.


I also need to build up a website, books and resources list. I have the learning through landscapes and community playthings websites so far, so this really needs some help.


Thank you in advance.

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Thank you Jenni, a colleague in Sutton uses ECERS and it completely passed me by that it may be helpful for this. Great idea. I did get a nice response from Martine who wrote the Enabling Environments article in the articles section on this site so I'm feeling much better about the day now.

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Another way to look at enabling environment is too take a look at well being and involvement - fere leuvres from the belgium institute (not sure on spelling)

this is a great tool to use in your setting we have been lucky to have had lots of training on this and it is excellent to use

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