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Phonic Activities U, V, W, X, Y, Z


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Hi all!

I'm a 3rd year BA student and am looking for some interesting phonic activities for u-z as these are the letters they are less confident with!


As we are focusing on space, thought about inventing some 'alien words' or alien linked words such as 'zap' to encourage recognition. Then they could sort out which words are space words. Perhaps the 2 of the children could become 'aliens' to make it all a little more exciting.


any other exciting ideas/stimulating ideas would be warmly welcomed :) x

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I'd say first find out if they have learnt them in a set order, as set out by letters and sounds or the program the school uses?

for u we do jolly phonics action so I got some umberellas and we went outside and made the sound as we opened them.


y we ate yoghurt,

we love noisy letters and feeling a letter in a bag and guessing what it is.


I think your alien idea is a good one, might try that myself.

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Thanks Marion! That link is great!

I'm going to create picnic on pluto myself...except go to the moon as we have been looking at whatever next :D

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fab link Marion - I like how you can focus on different phases and even specify the phonemes to work on. Thanxs.


For the letter w - we made little magic wands with the children (a lastic straw with a star stapled to the top). We had some word cards -some beginning with w and some not - the children waved their wand in the letter formation of 'w' whenever they heard a 'w' word. This could be oral or visual, depending on whether you want them to hear or recognise the 'w'.


For 'x' we made the x factor sign with our arms, and had a talent show

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