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It's my first year in Reception! (Getting the hang of it surely but slowly......but still needing advice and ideas!!)


I am being observed on Tuesday.... and my focus is addition (adding two sets of numbers together.)


I just want to know if anyone has any ideas to get me going! I have a full class of 30, and two teaching assistants. I have a lively (let's make that v. lively group). Their current interests include Tesco cash machines, Ben 10, hedgegogs and money. Our book of the week is The Shopping Basket by John Burningham (we did - Don't Forget the Bacon last week)


There are a small group of 4 who can add numbers together already and are starting to see the pattern in adding two digit number (bonds to 20).


There are a group of 3 children who are still finding hard to form the numbers but do have a concept of how much a set it worth.


I also have about 10 of them who have a fair idea about what to do if I say.....here is a group (of 2 things) here is a group (6 things) how many do I have altogether.....They could move the two groups together...count them again and then tell me.....


Any ideas...:)


Thank you. x

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Aaah, thank you....I'm sure they will...think I'm just having a little worry!!


I'm just looking for a couple of ideas of activites to put on the other tables (I've got my focus group sorted and one of my TA's sorted) the person who is floating...I have sorted the focus/photos for observation...


Just need a little advice for some adding activities in the other areas etc.


Thanks for replying!!


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could you use reall food tins/packets etc and shopping lists. Children take list 'buy' the items on the list and say how many altogether/ Have you a little tills you could use and shopping baskets or carrier bags.

I would approach it through the theme of shopping as your book lends itself to it.

You could even get the children to make up their shopping problems e.g. Sophie went to the shop and bought a packet of crisps, a banana and a bottle of pop. How many things did she buy altogether?

They could do this in a small group with the items in the middle, Once a problem has been modelled hopefully they will get the idea and start to set their own for their peers to solve. Maybe someone can record it on a flip chart drawing the things that are to be bought?


We often have the play tills out in our nusery with money, baskets and items to buy. The children enjoy roleplaying in this way.


Or another idea- not that they would be caculating but as it is linked with your book is that they could make their own shopping lists to be used late in role play. I've done this before using the free leaflets that you get in the co-op or papers that advertise the latest food offers. Children cut and paste onto a list format. Or they can simply draw the items onto their lists from a selection of playfoods on the table.


In the sand or water could you have items that they have to hook out or dig out and then calculate how many altogether? This is fun if they use a timer (30second) seems to be the max and they can have a race to see how many they can find in the time given/

Hope these help

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You are a star!! Thank you!! Just what I needed....just a little bit of reassurance and a little nudge in the right direction!! I think it's helped me to get some ideas going now!! I will let you know how it goes!!



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