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Does anyone know of any exciting screen savers that I could download from the web? The type of thing I'm looking for could be an animated screen with a facility to type in the days of the week. Also I have not got internet access in the classroom and would love to be able to save some of the bbc sites for children to use in the classroom, any ideas how to do this?





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Guest Tracey F

Hi Naomi

With my class I have just used the basic windows 'scrolling marquee' screensaver, and typed in all of their names - they spent ages looking to see who's name would be next, and if you set it quite slowly it gives them time to say it's an E so it could be Elizabeth, or Edward this one was resolved quite quickly, but when it came to Lauren and Laura it took a while :D I am lucky enough to have an interactive whiteboard in my classroom, so they could all see quite easily. They just loved seeing their own name on the screen! Following on from this I made a Powerpoint presentation which was basically an alphabet slide, hyperlinked to a page with all the names beginning with a particular letter, clicking on any of the names then linked back to the alphabet screen. I threw in a few animations and noises too :o

Not exactly days of the week, but the same ideas could work!


As for using BBC sites off line.... I'll let someone reaaaaalllly techy deal with that one xD


Hope that helps.

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Tracey- you need an internet connection to play with bbc websites. You can't save them to play with later on a computer without internet connection.

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HI Tracey F

what a super idea with the scrolling names I shall cartainly put that into action after half term (what size font did you use? my PC at home which is a flat screen flickers when I size it up to 100 or more :o )


And I absolutely love the idea of the PP with the hyperlink. I've got an interactive whiteboard and have done a PP with the children's names and photos but would love to know more about the hyperlink stuff. Have you time to take me through how to do it? Pretty please with sugar on the top :D


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