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Hi, our annual maths activity day is nearly upon us again, and i wondered if you could inspire me with some new ideas.


Usually do the old favourites,hook a duck,with number on bottom,2 and 3 d shapes, patterning, but getting a bit bored of same old same old,


would really appreciate some new ideas


thanks in advance for your help



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How about a large washing basket full of all sorts of (pairs) of socks for the children to sort and match up? You could even set up a mini washing line for the children to peg them onto afterwards?


xD This reminds me of when I left playgroup. A couple of months later they had a really good clear out of all the cupboards. One of the staff told me they found all sorts of strange things - including someone's baby socks! They looked a little surprised when I told them they were one of my mathematical resources. :o

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