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Hi all, I haven't been on the forum for absolutely ages and hope you are all well.

Today we have had a meeting and have been going through our self-evaluation tool-kit ("Moving On"). One area where we think we can improve is in maximising the involvement of parents (we have great relationships with them but feel we could do more on a practical level). Most specifically, I'd be interested to know to what extent ,and how, you enable parents to contribute to the children's profiles.

I'd love to know what works for you.


Ann x

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I've been a member for ages but have only started to post tonight and am really enjoying myself so here I go again.


We have bi-monthly Parent Liason Meetings, the parent's are invited to attend an informal meeting with the manager, deputy and usually 1 member of staff. The manager updates the parent's on anything new in nursery and the parent's are given the opportunity to ask questions. A member of staff normally gives a short presentation on something like "the importance of play" ,"The Outdoor Environment", "What you can do to help us...", " The child led approach" etc... We have found that the info the parent's receive at these meetings usaally filters down to the rest of the parent's and we put up the minutes and visual aids of the presentation on the notice board after each meeting.


With regard to getting the parent's to communicate, when the EYFS was introduced we distrobuted the parent DVD's along with a letter explaining what we are going to be doing for the children and how we really value each parent's contribution. Now we just place pockets of 'home observation' sheets by the coat pegs and some of the parent's are getting quite good at taking them home and bringing them back all filled out for us.


We have the usual newsletters, parent's evenings and fun days too to keep the lines of communication open.



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We are about to trial something with our parents that an early years teacher suggested to us..basically we are going to devise a form to send home maybe once or twice a term ( we havent come up with full details yet!!) with an area of learning on or an objective and ask the parents to write/observe or take pictures of their childrens skills in this area - so that this can then be added to their profiles. We are going to do an example sheet firstly to explain to the parents what exactly we would like but we are hoping it might enable us to fill in some the boxes we dont always get chance to see the children achieve at nursery.


We can but try! :)

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