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Can anyone help. After a course last summer I was inspired by Write Dance and my head bought the scheme. Now I have come to actuually do it I'm having second thoughts.

I agree witht the basic idea but find the detail in the manual a little overwelming in theory. What I find most difficult is the beginning dance sessions with children. The volcano was fine- I'd seen and done that and knew ideas for the dance but the other dances don't have much detail (or am I missing something?) about how to move about proir to the paper stage.

Can anyone tell me the sorts of moves / prompts / instructions they give to the children for any of the other Write Dance dances??


Thank you in advance!?!?

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Hi Karen!


So far this year, as well as the volcano we have learnt the Lazy 8's and Robot dances. We have used the hall to enjoy the music firstly, then I started to introduce some of the moves in the book (the ones I could remember) and then I taught some of them when the group were all sitting with me and they went off and had a go for themselves (hope this is making sense!!) We will try one more dance all together as a class before 1/2 term. (I've skipped dance no. 2 as I think that this one is quite a hard one for the children to get to grips with)


After 1/2 term I plan to split the class in two groups. One group will stay in class & have a go at doing some work on paper (difficult to find space for all the children to draw at once on a large scale) whilst the other class go to the hall to work on more aspects of the dances purely as dances. I'm very lucky in that my TA & I will alternate which space we work in & she is happy to do that.


Went on a course with RV last year, she really emphasized how important it is to have fun, take it as far as you want/feel confident & just get in there doing it! We all get better when we have a chance to practise/try things out. That's so true for teachers as well as children. So enjoy, see how it goes & what works well for you. Then let us know what you did!!! :)


Dianne xxx

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