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Help, We are a foundation unit and are looking at our records for assessment. We use a variety of observation strategies and records and feel okay about these but we want something to collate the info on to before we input it onto the profile as we have nursery and reception children integrated. We don't want to have 2 different systems going on using the stepping stones and the profile levels as it is just daft and duplicating work.

Any ideas? I don't feel that just putting them straight on to the computer is going to work.


Has anyone used the Sound learning progress records? They look okay but I wonder if there is two much paper and it's based on the stepping stones and not the Profile levels which are different (WHY!!!!)


Any ideas gratefully received


Sue :o

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Hi Sue,

Does your Lea not have a document to cover this? The Lea I was with until recently made its own version of the profile to record progress across the Foundation stage and I was under the impression that others had done so too. Have you tried a google search as I'm sure I've seen something?


I agree with you that the Sound Learning progress records are too long. I bought them when they first came out and they really only break the ELGs into small steps and age relate those steps which is not necessarily accurate! You then need 18 pieces of paper per child to track all ELGs.


There is also the dilemma should you just be watching progress re the profile or monitoring over all ELGs and of course, the answer is the latter. so how to do both without a massive paperwork overload?


I have used some sheets with all stepping stones and Elgs on, so 1 A4 sheet for each area per child but it is quite difficult to keep track of all those stepping stones!!

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