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My head has asked me to go through all the development matters objectives from 30 months and match them to the relevant profile points. The idea being that we all use our development matters as our learning intentions and by linking them directly to the relevant profile points it will make our assessment process better.??? Some do of course directly link and it is really easy, others however don't link directly.


Has anyone done this?


Any opinions on this idea?


Thanks :oxD:(

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Poor you concrete! Maybe you could talk with your HT and check that s/he realises that we do not plan from the profile points that we plan for children's learning from their interests and then by all mean using development matters. What a waste of your time to have to do all of that work when you could be resourcing your environment and planning next steps from what you know of your children.


What about you LA would your EY Advisers be able to support you with this?

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Our LA have produced a form showing the links between development matters and the profile points. The whole document is about 20 pages long so can't attach here but I have transfered the information to my own sheet but have used my own coding system. I will try and attach both sheets hope my codes make sense. The codes are on the profile numbered statements sheet and If you look at the WILF part for each statement if they relate to the profile point the code is at the end i.e. Recognise rhythm in spoken words. CLL LS&L WILF: I can clap along to the pattern of spoken words. CLL 11 Hope this helps.



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