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Hi all,

I am being observed by my head teacher in a few weeks and the focus is 'reading'.

Just wondered whether anyone had any brilliant ideas? I am a little concerned about how to link all areas to 'reading' including both adult-led and child-initiated learning???

I am a Foundation/Reception teacher??

Any ideas for activities would be greatly appreciated!!!


Many thanks

Tink :o

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A treasure hunt maybe? eg give them simple clues to read to find something. There's good loop cards and yes/no cards, matching pictures to captions cards on sparklebox for the phonic phases. maybe you could use them to set up a trail.


Would avoid having them sitting reading. Anyway good luck!!!



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I think so. I don't know if thats right!


Do your guided group as a hunt or something. Cut up sentences from your guided reading books and re arrange, make it a challenge. I do guided reading with my class twice weekly. i tend to introduce a book, discuss and do something in one session then the next session is something more active. Anyway, I don't know if thats right!

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